The Six Ages of Woman – One Woman Comedy Show

The Six Ages of Woman – A One-Woman Comedy Show – All Seats $25

The Six Ages of Woman – A comedy show about love, marriage, kids, aging & other junk like that!

In Mary Faktor’s hilarious one-woman comedy show, The Six Ages of Woman, the audience watches her character, Vicki on six telephone calls with her best friend, Madge.

In the first, Vicki is a giddy teenager excited about her first date. The second portrays her as a starry-eyed newlywed, positive marriage will be forever romantic. Meanwhile, Madge has joined an international travel agency to call from the worlds most exotic places. The third call reveals Vicki pregnant with her first child, planning to be the perfect mother who will never yell at her children, or give them sugar. As the performance progresses, Vickis life parallels most real life situations with hilarious results. Vicki continues her metamorphosis to stay-at-home mom of overly active toddlers, menopausal career women, and ultimately a retired expectant grandmother.

This show’s universal humor appeals to women and men of all ages. Faktor’s unique, funny, heart-felt performance leaves audience members with plenty of belly laughs, as well as a realization that despite our individual challenges, life is meant to be enjoyed.

Pull up a chair and eavesdrop on Vicki’s phone conversations with her best friend Madge. Although you never see Vicki’s husband, her children, or her best friend, by the end of the evening, you’ll know them all quite intimately.

You will likely see a part of yourself during some phase of Vicki’s metamorphosis; and you will, no doubt, laugh at yourself, while doing so.

All seats are reserved – and only $25 each!